Tuesday, January 22, 2008

iPhone Firmware: 1.1.3_04.03.13_G.

Hack that iPhone and iTouch: Learn How To Jailbreak, Hack and Unlock Apple Gadgets

In short, 1.1.3 firmware and the various methods to activate, jailbreak and unlock it has become a mess! In fact there is one popular program I refuse to cover due to the sheer volume of iPhones it's damaging.

Diversity is causing this confusion. There are people on the 3.9 bootloader (who are locked and unlocked); others are on the 4.6 bootloader (who are locked); there are also many previous firmwares running around out there. Even my own tutorials in this section are confusing. So I've renamed them and I'm going to give you a simple breakdown of which tutorial is corresponding to which software. Hopefully this will make it clearer which method you should use. I also offer repair services for a fee if you should run into trouble. Click here to learn more.
NT Unofficial Jailbreak Release:
Official Dev Team Jailbreak:
Official Unlock for 3.9 Bootloader Phones:
Official Unlock for 4.6 Bootloader Phones:
Downgrade and Recover:
Customize and Fixes:

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