Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone Firmware 1.0 - 1.1.4 Tutorials

On this page you will find tutorials for the first generation of the iPhone. It includes firmware updates from 1.0 throught 1.1.4:

iPhone Hack: Firmware 1.0&1.0.2
iPhone Hack: Firmware 1.1.1

iPhone Hack: Firmware 1.1.2
iPhone Hack: Firmware 1.1.3
iPhone Hack: Firmware 1.1.4

PWNAGE Guides- DevTeam Unlocking Tool also has a section on this site. This section is only up to 1.1.4 firmware. To see PWNAGE guides for 2.0 firmware please go to 2.0 firmware section here.

A brand new page is dedicated to firmware 2.0 and forth. You can check it out here.

Remember that i offer a repair and unlock service. If you need a professional to unlock/jailbreak/activate your iphone, jailbreak an itouch or repair your device if you ran into some trouble...I am your man. I have dealt with a lot of devices and brought them back to life after people gave up hope. You can check out the page here.

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