Monday, June 30, 2008

Repair and Unlock Services

This is a repair and unlock service for people who('s):

- Have re-programmed their iPhone(s) and/or iPod Touch(s) and are stuck.
- Need an unlock/jailbreak/activation done to their iPhone(s) and/or iPod Touch(s).
- Feel like their device is broken.
- Phone suddenly stopped working and don't know what the problem is.

I will attempt to re-program your device and restore it to a working state. During this process you will need to ship your device to me. I will provide email assistance as I am working on your device to keep you up to date. For your information: if you purchased an iPhone and it is not under contract with AT&T, or O2, or any other officially authorized carrier, and you have a problem with your iPhone, Apple won't help you. It will take me about a day to fix your device from the day I receive it. For example: If I receive it on a Monday afternoon, I will ship it back to you on a Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday Morning (depending on how complex the problem is and how late in day I receive the package).

If you would like to hire me to restore functionality to your device, please contact me. Email: itouchiphone @ yahoo com

Here is how the process works:

Package your device in a padded envelope or wrap it in bubble wrap. You can place it in the original box first and then a padded envelope but the padded envelope is a must to protect the device from the shipping company's negligence. The bottom line is you need to package the device well, so no problem occurs during shipment. Please buy insurance and a tracking to avoid loss or damage. I will package the device very well and include insurance and tracking as well. Please write a detailed description of what is wrong with your device and what you did to get it that way.
Once I receive your device I will use all my knowledge and skill to try and repair any problems you have mentioned. You will receive an email once the package has arrived, I have fixed it and finally when I have shipped it back to you.

Shipping within the United States is a flat rate of $15. You can include a pre-paid shipping label or envelope if you'd like. The $15 will include insurance and tracking. I can arrange overnight shipment provided you cover the extra charges. This is regular shipping that takes 2-5 days. Express or overnight shipping can be arranged.

Shipping cost outside the United States will vary on the country. I have received devices from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Israel and Dubai. The shipping cost varied anywhere from $75 to $135. This is regular shipping that will take about 5-7 business days. Express shipping can be arranged.

I charge a reasonable fee of $45 and only accept money orders. If you are interested in the service, send me an email.

Email: itouchiphone @ yahoo com

- For people within US, the service is $45 +$15 for S&H= $60 investment to keep a $500 device.
- If you are young or a student and dont have that much money (turst me i understand), I will do the service for $50.

Repair Totals as of June 30, 2008:

Fix vs. Non Fix
Bad IMEI 12-3
Code Scrolling 4-0
Jailbreak 68-0
Unlock 76-0
No WiFi 1-1

WinPWn 9-0

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