Monday, February 11, 2008

How to unlock 1.1.3 firmware with the 4.6 bootloader (Mac)

This is an OS X tutorial. If you ever wanted an unlocked iPhone, then now is the time. As of this writing (February 10, 2008), every single iPhone in the Apple and AT&T stores are fully unlockable! Get 'em while they last.
  1. If you aren't sure your brand new shiny iPhone is on 1.1.3 firmware there is an easy way to check. You should do this if in doubt since you can't use the unlock method I will use in this guide on iPhones with the 3.9 bootloader. Turn on the iPhone. You'll be at the slide for emergency screen, so slide. At the keypad dial *3001#12345#* then press the green phone button.
  2. Press Versions. If you see 04.03.13_G, then this is a 1.1.3 iPhone. Press the Home button.
  3. Plug the iPhone into your computer. Launch iTunes. You should see the Welcome to your new iPhone screen.
  4. Put the iPhone into DFU mode. Do this by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for 10 seconds. At this point the screen will turn black, and the iPhone will appear to be off.
  5. Let go of the Sleep/Wake button and continue to hold the Home button. In approximately 10 seconds iTunes will give an alert sound and a pop up will appear announcing that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Dismiss this pop up.
  6. iTunes will display a screen.
  7. Now press the Option key on your keyboard and click the Restore button. A file browser window will open. Point it to where you have the 1.1.1 firmware file downloaded to your computer already. Select the .ipsw file and click Open. Note: if you do not have this firmware file downloaded already, then click here to download it.
  8. Various messages will appear throughout the restore process.
  9. When it has completed you will get a pop up indicating error 1015. You will also get the graphic of a cable pointing to the iTunes program on the iPhone.
  10. You'll now get a pop up about recovery mode. Dismiss it.
  11. Eject the iPhone from iTunes and then close iTunes.
  12. Launch iNdependence. You can download it here (Mac).If the program doesn't do anything after 60 seconds and displays this same status bar message, then you need to follow the above instructions and restore to 1.1.1 firmware again. This is a common problem.
  13. If you restored again, then launch iNdependence again. This time you should get a spinning wheel in the lower status bar of the program and it should say: Disconnected: waiting for iPhone... The iPhone should chirp and display the activation screen. You will have a new message in the status bar of iNdependence now. Close iNdependence.
  14. Now it is time to jailbreak the 1.1.1 firmware. You should be at the activate iPhone screen. Slide the emergency slider. Enter the following into the keypad: *#307# then press Call.
  15. The iPhone will ring, press the X button at the top to delete all the characters you just entered. Now enter: 0 then press Call again while it is still ringing. Now press Answer. Press hold. Press Decline. You will now be at the iPhone's main keypad. Press the Contacts button below. You are now at the contacts screen. Press the + in the upper right corner to make a new contact. Press the First Last button. Enter A for the first name then press Save in the upper right corner. Now press the Add new URL button. Enter: prefs: then press Save in the upper right corner. It will take you back a screen. Press the Add new URL button. Enter Then press Save. Press the Save button again.
  16. Press the home page prefs: button. You will now be at the Settings screen. Press General. Press the Auto-Lock button. Now press Never. Then go back to the Settings screen. Press the Wi-Fi button. Select your network from the list. Enter your password and press Join. You should now be connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  17. Press the Home button and you will be taken back to the activate iPhone screen. Slide the emergency slider again. Enter: 0 then press Call. Now press Answer. Press hold. Press Decline. You will now be at the contacts screen again. Press the A button.Press the home button. Here's the website. Scroll down the screen. Press the Install AppSnapp button. Safari should crash after a few seconds.
  18. Once Safari crashes it will send you back to the activate iPhone screen. Wait about 20 seconds and the slide to unlock animation should freeze, then the iPhone will reboot. You'll see the Apple logo, then you will be at the screen with the slide to unlock slider again. Slide it and you will be at the SpringBoard.
  19. You will now have access to the SpringBoard. The iPhone is now jailbroken and activated.
  20. Launch the Installer. Click the Install icon and scroll down the list of folders to Tweaks (1.1.1). Press it.
  21. Press OktoPrep and install it. You'll get this message once it has been installed. Press the Home button when done.
  22. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone. Since 1.1.3 firmware (or even newer) is available, you must ensure that you have already downloaded 1.1.2 firmware and saved it on your computer. This is an .ipsw file. Download 1.1.2 restore firmware here. Press the Option / Shift button on your keyboard and click Update.
  23. A file browser window will appear. Navigate to where your 1.1.2 firmware file is, select it and click Open. If you did this correctly you will see an updating message, and not a restoring message. Various messages will appear as the process continues. Note: if you get an Error 6 message, try restoring to 1.1.1 firmware, and try again.
  24. When the update process has completed you will get a 1015 error. Click OK. The iPhone will now display a graphic of a cable pointing to the iTunes logo.
  25. You'll now get a pop up about recovery mode. Dismiss it.
  26. Eject the iPhone from iTunes and then close iTunes.
  27. Since the iPhone is still in recovery mode, use iNdependence or AppTap to get it out of this mode. You should see the same information in your status bar. Close iNdependence when it finishes. You should see the multi language screen on the iPhone now.
  28. Download the 1.1.2 jailbreak program here. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE JAVA (go here to download Java for free. )
  29. Double click the jailbreak.jar file. on Mac and windows.bat on Windows.
  30. This is the 1.1.2 jailbreak program. Make sure you check the box for installing SSH (if you want SSH installed on your iPhone). You could add this later with the Installer. Note: If installing SSH this is the best time to set your root password on the iPhone. The program is showing alpine (by default), you can set this to your own password now. When you are ready, click the Jailbreak! button.
  31. A pop up will appear with a status bar, and several messages will appear. It will take about 6 minutes to read, patch and write data back to the iPhone.
  32. A pop up will appear telling you to reboot the iPhone. It will reboot once on its own.
  33. iTunes should recognize your iPhone.
  34. Press Settings, General, Auto-Lock and make sure it is set to Never. Launch the Installer and go to the Sources folder.
  35. Install Community Sources. You should be prompted to update the Installer so do it.
  36. Now press the All Packages folder. Press Bigboss's Beta/Experi... Install it. Scroll back down to the Unlocking Tools folder.
  37. Press Geohots Gunlock Script. Install it. Next, go to the System folder and install BSD Subsystem.
  38. You can also find Term-vt100 in the System folder. Install it. Now press the Home button to relaunch the Springboard. Press Settings, then turn on Airplane Mode.
  39. Press the Home button and launch the Terminal on the iPhone. Enter the following commands: First this command: cd /usr/bin Then this one: geounlock
  40. The airplane graphic will fly away and you will see no signal bars again, but you are still in airplane mode. This process should take about 2 minutes to complete. A lot of code will scroll by on the screen. Do not interrupt it. When you see "Enjoy your unlocked iPhone..." you can press the Home button to get back to the SpringBoard.
  41. Press Settings, then turn Airplane Mode off.
  42. Launch the Installer and go to the System folder. Press Official 1.1.3 Upgrader and install it.
  43. Press OK at the notice, then press the Home button and you'll see the Upgrade icon on the SpringBoard. Launch it.
  44. At the patch lockdownd question, press Yes if you DO NOT use AT&T, or O2, or any other authorized Apple cell phone service provider. Press No if you do use an Apple authorized cell phone service provider. For most of us hackers out there, we do not use iTunes to activate our iPhones so you should press Yes. You will then be asked if you would like to restore your iPhone first. If you performed a fresh jailbreak on 1.1.2 just to update to 1.1.3, then select No since your iPhone has nothing on it right now. If you have been using 1.1.2 for a while and have added applications and data (and don't mind losing it) then you should probably choose Yes to avoid any conflicts with this jailbreak.
  45. You will see a progress display for several processes. Note the time in the screen shots throughout the process.
  46. The screen will go black and the iPhone will reboot. You'll see the Apple logo for about a minute then you will be taken to the slide to unlock screen. My T-Mobile SIM was recognized immediately. The edit home screen pop up will appear next.
  47. Pressing and holding an icon makes them all wiggle. Press an icon and drag it anywhere on the screen or to another screen.


Jon said...

This was amazing, it worked great, one thing I might say is that when you download the jailbreak for 1.1.2, make sure you unzip it to run the windows.bat, or it wont work!! At least that is what i noticed. Thank you so much...I am very happy

Robert said...

and what about the itouch? same instructions?

also if i stupidly bought the 20$ software upgrade (google maos etc) will i lose it?


-Administration- said...

the itouch is actually easier.Yes, you would loose the $20 upgrade.

best regards