Wednesday, March 19, 2008

iPod nano | How to Copy Music From Your iPod to Your Mac

These are instructions on how to copy music from a Windows or Mac Formatted iPod to our Mac using Senuti.

Step One
Download Senuti from here.

Step Two
Double click the downloaded dmg (ie senuti_0.50.1.dmg) to mount it.

Step Three
Drag the Senuti icon onto the Applications shortcut icon directory below to install the Application

Step Four
Double click the Senuti icon in the Applications folder to launch the program.

Step Five
You will be displayed a welcome message. Click the Continue button.

Step Six
Press the Continue button again to accept the license.

Step Seven
You will be prompted to select a Copy Location for your iPods music. In this example we will copy to a specific directory. Select Other from the dropdown menu. Then select your desired location folder from the dialog box that appears and click the Choose folder. Finally click the Continue button.

Step Eight
At this point you will prompted to setup your iPod for use with Senuti. First, hold down the Command+Option keys while plugging in your iPod. This will prevent iTunes from syncing with it.

Once iTunes has detected your iPod, check the box titled Enable disk use.

You will be warned that this requires manual ejection of the iPod. Click the Ok button.

Now click the Apple button at the bottom right hand corner.

Your iPod is now ready for Senuti. Go back to the Senuti install process and click the Continue button.

Step Nine
When display some Senuti tips click the Continue button.

Step Ten
Finally you will be notified that configuration is complete. Click the Done button.

Step Eleven
Senuti will now open and display the music on your iPod!

Step Twelve
To transfer songs simply select the songs you would like to copy, then select Transfer from the File Menu.

You will notice a small indicator at the bottom left hand corner as your music is copied to your computer.

Once the copy is complete you can navigate to the selected destination on your computer and access all your transferred music!