Friday, February 15, 2008

Airport Express | How to Reset an Airport Express

You may need to reset your Airport Express if you forgot your password or if the Airport Express has stopped operating correctly. Before AirPort Express, there were only two types of reset, a soft and a hard. AirPort Express introduces a third type of reset, factory default.

If you forget your base station password, do a soft reset.

Do a hard reset if AirPort Express stops responding or has network accessibility issues. This reset does not erase saved profiles.

Do a factory default reset if you need to return AirPort Express to an out-of-box configuration. This erases saved profiles.


Step One
Make sure AirPort Express is connected to power.

Step Two
Select System Preferences from the Apple menu at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Step Three
Select the Network icon from the System Preferences Window.

Step Four
Select Airport from the list of connection types on the left.

Step Five
Click to select the TCP/IP tab.

Step Six
From the Configure IPv4 dropdown choose Using DHCP.

Step Seven
Press and hold the reset button for 1 full second. During this time, the light will flash amber, indicating that AirPort Express is in soft reset mode.

Tip: If you do not make your changes within five minutes of pressing the reset button, AirPort Express will return to the previous configuration. The light will change back to solid green (or whatever state it was before the reset).

Step Eight
From the AirPort menu bar item, choose the network created by AirPort Express (the network name does not change).

Step Nine
Open AirPort Admin Utility. It's in the Utilities folder, which is in the Applications folder.

Step Ten
Select AirPort Express, and click Configure. Below you can see the dialog that appears. It allows you to make the following changes:
- IP address: Unless you have been given an IP address by your Internet service provider or system administrator, do not change the IP address.
- Reset the base station password.
- Turn encryption on to activate password protection for your AirPort network. If you turn on encryption, enter a new password for your AirPort network.

Step Eleven
Click Update. AirPort Express restarts to load the new settings.

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