Thursday, December 6, 2007

Software Updates

The reason for this posting is for people to have access to all the software at one place. Below i will list the newest most updated software released. Also, Apple will be coming out with the new 1.1.3 Firmware update very soon. Do not expect to see any drastic changes. Expect them when they come out with 2.0 or something like that. The DevTeam does not think an unlocking software will be ready untill the new 1.1.3 firmware comes out. The activation, jailbreaking, and decryption softwares are listed below. If you have any questions check out my Contact Information and email me. Enjoy!

  • Currently impossible with software only solutions. Probably possible when apple releases next firmware version (1.1.3).

  • It is however posible to jailbreak and activate your 1.1.2

  • How, Well here it goes:

  • Downgrade to 1.1.1 even if you have the newest firmware,

  • Install OktoPrep from installer on iphone tweaks (1.1.1)

  • Upgrade to 1.1.2 using iTunes

  • Jailbreak using this jailbreak.rar

Or If you want a little more easier step by step guides click here:

  1. 1.1.2 Firmware Unlock for iPhone (Windows/Vista)

  2. 1.1.2 Firmware Unlock for iPhone (Mac)

You might also like to have the following software to customize your iPhone:

You can also download firmware files here: Firmware Updates

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jo said...
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jo said...

there are lots of unlock source avail; across the gloge,before get unlock source should aware how to utilize the source inorder to that i found unlock guidence where can get clear picture about how to use the source or unlock.