Thursday, December 6, 2007

New 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware. Are you Ready?

Before i say anything make sure u check out the previous posting on Software Updates . Now You've been wanting the bells and whistles for a while and Apple may deliver them this weekend. According to a claim for CNET France (carried over in English on MacNN), multiple reports indicate that iPhone/iPod touch firmware may be upgraded to version 1.1.3 as early as this Saturday. The upgrade is reputed to add a disk mode for storing general data on the iPhone as well as include a voice recording mode for adding voice memos to the handset.Further details are sketchy at the moment, but the update is expected to break existing modifications to the iPhone's firmware that allow the iPhone to run third party applications as well as function on alternate wireless carriers outside of those approved by Apple. I guess we wont know untill we see it :) If you have an unlocked iPhone with a diferent carrier other than AT&T do not update or upgrade your firmware. It will lock your iPhone. If you have a hacked/jailbroken AT&T iPhone, updating your firmware will re-lock your iPhone and you will only be able to use the AT&T native functions your 3rd party apps will be gone and you wont be able to use different sim cards.

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