Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bricked 1.1.1 iPhone

The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock provides you with: Bricked 1.1.1 iPhones.I have been getting a lot of questions about how to fix a bricked 1.1.1 iPhone so i decided to put up a little guide for people to use. Boys and Girls please make a donation if you find this site useful. We spend a lot of time to make your life easier, and now we need your support because a 1.1.2 firmware iPhone hasn't been cracked yet. Why? Well mostly due to people not donating any money and enjoying the benefits of the installer and all these hacks. We need a new iPhone to find a crack, so if everyone donates a little bit it can be done. Anything is good. Thanks !!!

  • Bricked 1.1.1 iPhone:

    If you updated from 1.02 that was unlocked with anysim 1.02 or iUnlock, you will have a "bricked" iphone.

  1. Press the italicized "i" when youre on the screen with the "Please Activate your iPhone" or "Incorrect" sim.

  2. Compare the listed IMEI # with your IMEI # on the back, if its incorrect and starts with 0049, you have a bricked iPhone, for now.

  3. Read This Guide to downgrade back to 1.02 and fix your problems.

  4. After downgrading and virginizing, you can safely update back to 1.1.1, if you wish, and then perform the jailbreak.

  5. Go into iTunes and Sync your iPhone to your PC to create a fresh backup of all your contacts, settings, etc.

  6. Go into preferences and then the iPhone tab to make sure you have a backup of your iPhone listed.

  7. Click Check for software update on the iPhone page in iTunes for it to find 1.1.1

  8. If iTunes does not find an update, make sure you have the latest iTunes installed.

  9. Click Download and Update. This process will take several minutes. Or you can download the file from this site. Navigate there through the Blog Archive on the right.

  10. After the update is done, continue to jailbreak and unlock it.

  11. After completing the Jailbreak and Activation step, iTunes should now ask you to restore that old backup. Make sure you hit Yes.

  12. Now Just Follow my Guide on how to Unlock a 1.1.1 Firmware iPhone. You can find this on the right hand side, in the Blog Archive.

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