Friday, January 25, 2008

Official 1.1.3 Jailbreak Coming Soon....Tomorrow??

We all know that Nate True has leaking the new 1.1.3 iPhone Jailbreak.  Many people are experiencing problems and some are updating without a problem. It took me 2 tries to upgrade a freshly jailbroken iPhone running 1.1.1 Firmware. NerveGas from the iPhone dev Team commented on the release and said the "Official" release is coming soon. I believe his exact words were," Our release is nearly complete and we hope to have it out tomorrow sometime. " This was posted yesterday at 5:31am. Someone wasn't sleeping :) Harsh words were exchanged. NerveGas blamed Nate for having a donation page and accused him of STRIVING for fame. Apperantly he wanted to be like his Now ex-Dev Teammate GeoHotz. For those of you who are not familiar with him click here. By the way if I haven't gave props to GeoHotz - I'm giving them to you now - NerveGas said that the leaked version violates federal law by including files belonging to apple calling it out right,"illigal and unethical". Wow the's like a soap opera. The Dev Team promised:
  • The method the Dev Team was/is planning on releasing allows you to perform the jailbreak without violating federal law. You can expect a method, followed by a Mac-friendly tool, very soon.
I do not recommend anything. I have guides for Mac and Windows using Nate's Jailbreak and as soon as the official jailbreak is released I will have guides on that too. Nate's method is not as bad as it's made out to be. It apperantly violates laws and that is never good, but it's actually very easy to do. We are all adult and can make our own descisions.
I got a comment on today from a person who used Nate's method to jailbreak and update to 1.1.3 on his iTouch. The method did not work for him. My guess is that Nate rushed the release and forgot to mention/warn some people about using this method on iTouch(s). NerveGas mention in one of his posts that they are doing tests on the official Jailbreak method and that they are making sure that it works 100% on iPhone(s) and iTouch(s).  Ads I Hope this answers/helps any concerns you had.


Ads said...

I am calmly waiting for the official release. Hmmm maybe I should have done this before .... now where was that Enya album?

Robert said...

tried it and it worked... except the 20 update software does not reload on my machine

any ideas?

-Administration- said...

what do you mean by "20 update"? Not familiar with that. Can you explain?

Robert said...

the 20$ software upgrade from apple sorry

-Administration- said...

i recommend you read my 2 last need to downgrade back to 1.1.1 and jailbreak the itouch/iphone the normal way again or you will not be able to use 3rd party apps and sdk in the future. read here:
and here:

Robert said...

actually I did jailbreak the phone and then brought it up to 1.1.3.
the 20$ upgrade did not work