Friday, January 25, 2008

Firts GeoHotz Now Nate....Who's Next? Why isn't The Dev Team Releasing the Jailbreak..

Blame Blame Blame...............Right up to this point i thought there was some kind of war going on between Noble men and Posers. I am beginning to think different. Let me introduce you to a less popular Dev Team member who's Ego is bigger than his talent, Zibri (from what i have heard, not making ANY assumptions here). Here's a convo provide by a fellow hakintosh member Rchik, where GeoHotz gets blamed for releasing the hardware unlock publicly without "Zibri's" permission. Everyone knows geoHotz is NOT a media wh*re but an innovative young man who thinks before he does something (very rare nowdays).Now Nate releases a jailbreak that will help Dev Team in the longrun by helping them see the problems before the official release. "scripts will always make errors here or there, therefore it is better to release the stuff a.s.a.p and let the people do the testing, they will be happy to help." Thank You Rchik.If Nate was kicked out then WHY is he being thanked Here? I do not know who to believe anymore. I just hope this drama ends soon and well so we can go back to developing guides, third pary apps and stickin' it to Apple and AT&T, isn't that what started this all?
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