Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Steve Jobs Acknowledges MobileMe (Mac Mail) Launch Failure

In an internal e-mail sent to Apple employees, Steve Jobs admitted that MobileMe was launched too early and not up to Apple standards, according to an ArsTechnica report.

The e-mail which was seen by Ars Technica, acknowledged MobileMe's flaws suggests that things could have been done to improve the launch. Jobs writes that MobileMe should have been launched slowly rather then "as a monolithic service."

Steve writes, "It was a mistake to launch MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store," he says. "We all had more than enough to do, and MobileMe could have been delayed without consequence."

"The MobileMe launch clearly demonstrates that we have more to learn about Internet services," Jobs says. "And learn we will. The vision of MobileMe is both exciting and ambitious, and we will press on to make it a service we are all proud of by the end of this year."

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