Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solar Powered iPhone 3G Charging Case

MobileFun is releasing a solar powered iPhone 3G charging case.

With the Apple iPhone 3G Solar Charging Case you can charge your Apple iPhone 3G when on the move. Also your Apple iPhone 3G will be protected from getting scrathed or damaged. The Case includes a mini USB to USB cable so that you can charge other USB devices from the case. The case comes with a large high capacity 1500mAh battery, allowing you to charge from a solar source and store the power for later use.

Apple iPhone 3G Solar Charging Case Features:
* Charge iPhone 3G using solar energy
* Charging time for case: 3 hours approx
* Stylish and practical carry case for your iPhone 3G
* Flip style carry case for quick and easy access
* Includes miniUSB cable for charging from your PC
* Detachable swivel belt clip (removable)

Apple iPhone 3G Solar Charging Case Specifications:
* Battery capacity: 3.7V, 1,100mAh
* Output voltage: 5V (maximum)
* Output current: 450mA (maximum) + solar battery 100mA (maximum)
* Charge voltage: solar battery 6V and USB/5V DC

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