Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The 2nd version of iNdependence to come out (just today I might add) now activates/jailbreaks and unlocks 1.1.4. It will leave you with 1.1.2 baseband however. This is for Mac users only as is this method here I just tried: This is run from the Terminal and does what iNdependence does, plus it puts the Installer on for you. There is also a Windows version. Both methods are 30 second processes.

I'll whip up a couple SIMPLE tutorials on activating and jailbreaking for Mac users. Apparently there is an Apple special event on March 6th. This could be about the SDK and we may see a new firmware released again at that time. I see my 1.1.4 tutorial section being a lot like my 1.1.3 section with only a couple key tutorials in it.

Update: for those of you who did the GeoHot IPSF style unlock on your 3.9 only iPhone. According to George Z at this link this style unlock will survive and update to 1.1.4. Anyone else care to try? I think I might soon. This is what you would do: connect to iTunes, update to 1.1.4, then use iNdependence or George Z's program (above link) to activate and jailbreak your iPhone. You'd then need to install SSH and get on the phone. Run and test. This SHOULD work.

Update 2: One reader has reported success with my brief notes up above on the Geo IPSF unlock updating to 1.1.4 safely.

Update 3: iNdependence updated within just minutes now activates/jailbreaks and unlocks 1.1.4.

I just posted a baseband downgrader for those who mistakenly updated to 1.1.4. It is in my Installer repository and is called Downgrade baseband #5. It is for 3.9 bootloaders only. I intend on making a couple tutorials soon: using the latest verison of iNdependence for 1.1.4, and updating a 1.1.3 GeoHot IPSF unlock to 1.1.4.

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