Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Site Updates

The new version of iNdependence is out which will activate and jailbreak 1.1.4. It will NOT unlock it. This is for Mac users only as is this method here I just tried: This is run from the Terminal and does what iNdependence does, plus it puts the Installer on for you. Both methods are 30 second processes.

I'll whip up a couple SIMPLE tutorials on activating and jailbreaking for Mac users. Apparently there is an Apple special event on March 6th. This could be about the SDK and we may see a new firmware released again at that time. I see my 1.1.4 tutorial section being a lot like my 1.1.3 section with only a couple key tutorials in it.

From what I've heard so far, 1.1.4 isn't much of an update. It consists of under the hood bug fixes only. Since my 1.1.3 section was never fully fleshed out with tutorials because we knew 1.1.4 was just around the corner, 1.1.3 will be deprecated once methods are available to use 1.1.4 on unlocked iPhones. We may still be waiting for the next firmware release (1.1.5?) to bring the long awaited SDK. It's at that point, that I will go through my 1.1.2 section of tutorials and figure out which of them work on the newest firmware. For the most part, everything should work though. Don't be afraid to try a deprecated tutorial on current firmware, it probably works.

Also, while this site is about hacking the iPhone, my priority is helping those who do not use AT&T as their carrier. I only become interested in new firmware releases once we have a method for bypassing activation first. I do not use a contracted iPhone, therefore I have no means of testing anything unless it is for an unlocked iPhone. People with contracts obviously have the luxury of testing any jailbreak without having to worry about activation. I do not have this advantage.

I told one of the iPhone Dev Team members I'd repost one of their latest creations here. Most of you may not realize what this video is even showing. Let's just say it's a good thing... Hint: sign your own firmware.

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