Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unlocking a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPhone (4.6 bootloader) (intel Mac & Windows XP / Vista)

Unlocking a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPhone (4.6 bootloader) (intel Mac & Windows XP / Vista)

I received a good question from a person who chose to stay annonymous. He wanted to jailbreak and unlock his iPhone but using it with a legitimate contract (nothing of which I know anything about as all my iPhones are non-contracted and unlocked).Why you ask? well because, one, he doesn't have to renew his contract for another 2 years and, two, he doesnt have to buy an expensive iPhone plan but keep his current plan, and three, well the world of third party apps! Thats ebough reason for me, so all you AT&T people email me or unlock it yourself on this site, everything is free but donations are also appreciated! Give this a read:

When the iPhone is activated with AT&T via iTunes, iTunes changes something in the lockdownd. Because of this, unlocking with any method does not work (also Geo's). The lockdownd file has to be replaced and then it works.
  • Launch WinSCP (or Fugu) and enter the IP address of the iPhone with username "root" and password "alpine".
  • Navigate to the /usr/libexec folder.
  • Rename the file lockdownd to backuplockdownd112
  • Download a lockdownd file for 1.1.2 here.
  • Decompress this file and upload the lockdownd file in to the /usr/libexec folder.
  • Right click on the file once it is in the folder and set its octal properties to 0555.
  • Restart the iPhone.

If you'd like to update to 1.1.3 firmware...but stay on your current baseband and remain unlocked, then click here.

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