Saturday, February 16, 2008

Site Updates 2/16/08

Long Day! Quiet on the iPhone News....Latest Guides Posted:

For the people that do not know: I have decided to expand the site. ALL the Apple gadgets I am interested in now have a section on this site. Guides, Mods and/or Hacks are avaliable on all my gadgets. You can use the legend on the top right to navigate yourself. This site is mostly based on the iPhone and iTouch but since i love hacking, reverse engeneering and architecture I will dedicate myself and this site to all three :) I hope you like it. Frpm the feedback i have gotten in the past, people love this site. This past month I have had 350,000 unique visitors with some people staying on my site for 5+ hours (maybe they fell asleep). This site takes up a lot of time and I understand your need for these guides (thats why i am doing this). If you would like to donate, please do, Right now it would be SO helpful! But if you can't...well you are still welcome to use this information for free.

O0o0 I also want to mention that i found a slacker copying all my info onto some CORNY blog, he even had some spelling mistakes that i made! Well of course i found him... How? Thats my little secret :0) But i can find ANY of my content being copied within 48 Hours. I have a strong policy against that and i will prosecute to the FULLEST extent! Do not take my generosity for a'll get burned! I'll just go Ahead and include my Copyright Law and YES i'm serious! To everyone else..Thanks for your support and great thank you emails.

All content on this web site - unless otherwise noted - is the sole and exclusive property of Any unauthorized use, publication or duplication in whole or part is a direct violation of applicable international copyright law. Any form of image alteration is also a direct violation of Federal copyright law. Any person or entity, who obtains, possesses custody or control of any content produced and owned by hereby consents to the personal jurisdiction of the United States as being the location where any disputes of any kind arise between and any such person or entity. is committed to prosecuting offenders of our copyright to the fullest extent of applicable law. Contact should you have any questions regarding this agreement.

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