Saturday, February 16, 2008

AppleTV | AppleTV Install ATV Loader

As per Awkward TV ATV Loader is a plug-in that accesses their directory and installs/updates plug-ins online. This is probably the easiest method of getting/updating plug-ins. So you need to install one plug-in manually only, namely ATV Loader, which will in turn allow you to install all the other plug-ins from a GUI.

Before you start:
- You'll need ssh enabled
- You'll need to enable the AFP Server (Tutorial can be found on this site).
- You need to know the ip of your appletv (Can be found under the AppleTV's Settings:Network menus)

Step One
Download the ATV Loader from here

Step Two
Extract the folder ATV Loader from the zip file you just downloaded.

Step Three
From a new finder window's menu select Go. Then select Connect to Server from the dropdown menu.

Enter the following for the address: afp://AppleTVsIPAddress. Of course replace 'AppleTVsIpAddress' with the actual ip of your AppleTV.

When prompted enter frontrow for both the username and password.

Step Four
Select frontrow from the list of volumes to mount and then click ok

Step Five
Your AppleTV will now appear in your finder for easy access to files!

Step Six
Copy the ATV Loader into the frontrow volume you just mounted in Finder.

Step Seven
Open a new Terminal window from your OSX Applications:Utilities folder.

Step Eight
Type ssh -1 frontrow@youripaddress into the terminal window substituting 'youripaddress' with your apple tv's ip address. Note: the password is frontrow.

Step Nine
Execute the following commands by typing them into the Terminal window and pressing enter after each line:
cd "ATV Loader"
sudo ./installme

Step Ten
Now we must kill and restart the AppleTV's Finder.

To do this execute:
ps awx|grep [F]inder

This will display the process id for the AppleTV's Finder

In my case the pid(process id) I'm looking for is 99.

Step Eleven
To kill the process execute the following command:

kill (the process number)
Example: kill 99

Now the Finder will restart and you can use ATV Loader to install plugins etc etc.

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