Friday, February 15, 2008

Airport Extreme | How to Install and Setup Your Airport

To install and setup your Airport Extreme Base Station follow these steps:

Step One
First lets unpackage the Airport Extreme and hook it up. Plug in the AC adapter to the back of the Base Station. Don't plug it into the wall just yet. Plug your modem into the Internet WAN port.

Step Two
Insert the Install CD into your computer. A popup will appear showing the contents of the CD. Double Click Airport to begin the install process.

Step Three
Click the Continue button to install the Airport Software.

Step Four
Again click the Continue button to move past the Read Me Information.

Step Five
Click Continue to accept the software license agreement.

Step Six
Click Agree from the popup menu to confirm acceptance of the software license agreement.

Step Seven
Click the Install button to finally begin installation.

Step Eight
You may be asked to enter an administrative username and password. Enter these then click the Ok button.

Step Nine
Once the installation has complete click the Close button to close the installation window.

Step Ten
Now you can plug the AC Adapter into the wall outlet.

Step Eleven
Give the Base Station a few minutes to boot. If you are going to set up your Airport Extreme using a wireless connection then click the Airport icon at the top right hand corner of the screen. Select the Apple Network from the dropdown. NOTE*: If you connected your computer to the Base Station using an ethernet cable you can skip this step.

Step Twelve
Open a new Finder window and run Airport Utility from within Applications : Utilities.

Step Thirteen
Airport Utility will search and find the connected Airport Extreme. Click the Continue button to set up your base station.

Step Fourteen
To personalize your Airport Extreme name you wireless network and name your base station. Then click the Continue button to continue setup.

Step Fifteen
Select your country from the Country dropdown menu. Then select your Radio Mode. The most common setting is 802.11n (802.11b/g compatible). This setting will work with most computers today. If all of your computers are capable of 802.11n this setting can be changed later. Click the Continue button to continue setup.

Step Sixteen
Select the security for your network. WPA2 Personal is the most secure. Then enter a username and password for your wireless network. If you do not wish to password protect your wireless network then select No Security. Click the Continue button.

Step Seventeen
Select how you connect to the Internet. If you use DSL and need to enter a username and password then select I use a DSL or cable modem using PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE. If you don't want to connect to the internet then select I am not ready to connect to the Internet right now. Click the Continue to continue setup.

Step Eighteen
Enter your connection information. Set your Account Name, Password, and Service Name. Usually you would have your Connection set to Always On. Click the Continue button to continue setup.

Step Nineteen
Enter a password for users to type when connecting to USB Disks. I selected With base station password from the Secure Shared Disks dropdown to use my base station password to access USB disks.

Choose the amount of access allowed for guests. I selected Not allowed from the Guess Access dropdown.

Click the Continue button to continue setup.

Step Twenty
Enter a base station password to protect the base stations settings. Then click the Continue button to continue.

Step Twenty One
Airport Utility will show you a window summarizing your setup. Click the Go Back button to go back and change something. If you are happy with the settings click the Update button.

Step Twenty Two
Wait for the Airport Extreme to restart and update your settings.

Step Twenty Three
Once the Airport Extreme has restarted you will get a Congratulations window indicating that your Base Station has been successfully setup!

Press the Done button to finish the setup process. Notice the light on your Airport Extreme Base Station will be green letting you know that everything is working properly.

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