Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why Most Packages Are Failing The Download Via Installer and The Difference Between All The Jailbreaks!

How the community needs your help. Most of the movers and shakers in the iPhone community offer their services (jailbreaks, free unlocks, Installer repositories and programming to make all this happen) for FREE. Occassionally these limits get tested by the hosts we use. We pay out of our own pockets to cover these expenses ourselves because we love what we are doing. This is a fun hobby. In the case of a couple of us, we are unemployed. So the burden of paying for servers becomes more burdensome when we have to continually move to ever increasingly expensive hosting packages to keep up as the community grows, and as more and more people download from us to hack their iPhones. The Installer has a few key trusted sources. One of those is run by "Ste". Another new trusted source is "Big Boss". Ste recently posted that most of his packages that are being downloaded by iPhone users are failing for one simple reason: there are too many iPhones per second hitting his site and downloading. He has had to throttle connections to keep from losing his hosting. You can read more about that here. There are a couple simple ways you the reader can help support all of us. One should be very obvious and it isn't something I'm even allowed to encourage. The other is by clicking the PayPal donate buttons you see on these various sites. Another would be to offer an uncapped, and completely dedicated server. Shared hosting accounts don't work for us, we have too much daily traffic. Even shared servers aren't good enough as you are sharing a CPU with other accounts. A dedicated server, serving just one domain name is the only solution. This server must not have any limits on throughput (concurrent connections, or CPU cycles) and bandwidth must be uncapped and expected to run in the terrabytes per day. So if you are able to help out (probably because you own a hosting company) get in touch with me or Ste or BigBoss. They (moreso than myself) need your help, and so does the community. If you are one of the many confused iPhone owners out there who want to know the differences between the Nate True jailbreak for 1.1.3 (which I've removed the tutorial for) and the official iPhone Dev Team jailbreak for 1.1.3 then read this posting. Happy hacking!

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