Monday, February 4, 2008

Quick Guide to Restoring iPhone/iPod Touch Sync in iTunes Posted

Occasionally your iPhone or iPod touch starts syncing when you connected it to your Mac only to drop out of the sync process. Even worse, once the cycle stops, it continues every time you plug your handheld in. This fix is fairly easy, but you won't find it in iTunes. You'll know know if you are suffering from this little headache because your iPhone or iPod touch will begin the sync process, but stops unexpectedly. iTunes will display a dialog warning you that your handheld stopped communicating and the sync process was cancelled. Here's how to break the cycle so and sync as normal again:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your Mac/Pc

  • After the sync process fails, launch iSync. You can find it in your Applications folder.

  • Select iSync > Preferences.

  • Click the Reset Sync History button.

  • iSync will display a dialog explaining what happens when you reset the sync history. Go ahead and click the second Reset Sync History button.

  • Quit iSync.

Now you should be able to sync your iPhone or iPod touch again without any hassles. Since your sync history has been reset, your first post-rest sync may take longer than you expect. Depending on how much information is stored on your handheld, that could be a few extra seconds or several minutes.

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