Monday, December 3, 2007

Visual Voicemail, AT&T,iPhone and Klausner All wired Together.

Klausner Technologies is hitting Apple and AT&T with a hefty patent infringement suit, claiming that they have infringed on his patent with the iPhone's visual voicemail feature that allows users to retrieve messages in whichever order they chose. The suit was filed earlier today and cites patents 5,572,576 and 5,283,818, both owned by Klausner. Klausner is an independent firm owned by a group of private investors that have successfully defended their patent thus far. They have also licensed the patent out to many other industry heavyweights that currently provide a similar visual voicemail service to that of the iPhone, such as AOL for AOL Voicemail and Vonage Holdings for Vonage Voicemail Plus. Klausner is seeking damages and future royalties estimated at $360 million. "We have litigated this patent successfully on two prior occasions," said Greg Dovel of Dovel & Luner, counsel for Klausner. "With the signing of each new licensee, we continue to receive further confirmation of the strength of our visual voicemail patents."They also filed similar claims separately against Comcast Corporation, Cablevision Systems Corp. and eBay Inc.’s Skype with damages and future royalties estimated at $300 million.

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