Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Exploit Update from GeoHotz

Yes, another exploit was written by GeoHotz, which means that the new 1.1.2 iPhone Firmware Unlock is coming soon. It will be either a software or hardware unlock/hack. I really hope it's a software hack, just like the Dev team created for us during the 1.1.1 Firmware Era. Ok enough, and the iPhone Guru said," Update on the exploits. A16 is a buried via, but it is right at the edge of the chip. Just scrape the epoxy away and hook a wire under there. I'd do it but a lot of my hardware stuff is at RIT. And I didn't say the software exploit would be easy, but this paper alludes to 2/3 of the message being spoofable. 2/3 is 3 bytes away from how much we need, and 3 bytes can be brute forced easily enough. Of course 1/3 is trivial to exploit with a cube root, I understand that math well enough." Ok cool, did everyone understand that? What that means is IT'S COMING! Keep checking back guys. I will have more posts maybe today maybe tomorrow. Be sure of one thing, once the new unlock is out, i will be posting more guides on unlocking the new firmware on Macs and Windows. I will also be posting the new firmware for download and all new softwares needed to Rip Copy and Abuse the Apple iPhone to Its Fullest capabilities.

I would also like to thank Ink2Go for his generous donation, we need more supporters like him. I need your support people. In order for me to run this site at the pace it is running. Remember donations are not required, but are greatly appreciated! Come back soon for Updates.

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