Monday, December 3, 2007

Verizon is the Samurai of All Wireless Networks

You can hate all you want but Consumer Reports has published their latest Annual Survey of Cellphone Service in their 2008 issue. They note that for the bast 6 years, cellphone service has been "among the lower rated services we survey". They found that "fewer than half of the respondents were completely or very satisfied with their cellphone service." They polled 47,629 cellphone users in the United States and asked them to rank their service carrier in terms of the least call static, dropped calls, circuts full and lack of service for 20 major metropolitan areas in the US. The results: Verizon came out on top yet again, with an approvalrating of around 70%, followed by T-Mobile. AT&T was well-behind the forerunners, and Sprint was dead last.

  1. Verizon Wireless is "among the better carriers this year and in our earlier surveys."
  2. T-Mobile was described as "another solid performer that often offers more for your money."
  3. Alltel Wireless is "One of the better providers in the three metro areas for which we had adequate survey data."
  4. AT&T fell behind, called "Home of iPhone, but trails the better carriers in almost all respects."
  5. Sprint was last place, receiving the dubious honor of being in the "bottom ranks of carriers we rate."

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