Monday, December 3, 2007

Competition for the iPhone? It's Marvelous!

According to an alleged leak, RIM's new BlackBerry 9100 will serve as their answer to Apple's iPhone by sporting several more advanced features. It will have a touchscreen of the same size and 320x480 resolution, as well as 3G over HSPA. Carmi Levy, analyst with AR Communications Inc., thinks that this will make it less of a business device."The 9000 is supposed to be a touch-screen device, very similar in form factor to the iPhone," Levy says. "Which means that it is not an enterprise-friendly device."It also has both real GPS and Wi-Fi. Further more, it may also be slightly faster with a 624MHz Intel XScale processor instead of the iPhone's 620MHz ARM chip.It contains all of the same features of previous models. It will most likely have at least a 2 megapixel camera, but it may see a 3.2 one by that time.
Because of the large screen, it is assumed that it will not contain a physichal keyboard, though a slide-out one is possible.It is predicted that it will be announced some time around winter of 2008

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