Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Finally Here: iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Confirmed: I'll believe it When I See It.

Gizmodo has posted an authentic video showing some of the 1.1.3 iPhone features. Natetrue from provided Gizmodo with a YouTube video, and gave them lots of new information. Accordingto Nate's experience, the new firmware breaks AnySIM, and AnySIM can not be reinstalled after the update has been installed on the iPhone. All installed apps are removed, and the current method for jailbreaking has been blocked by the Apple Team. Activation will only work if you do it through iTunes using an AT&T account. That is the only way Nate and his possie were able to activate the 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware. iBrickr Legend Nate, tried to upgrade an AnySim 1.2u iPhone and and was unsuccessful. He was able to boot the phone but it refused to activate even with a normal AT&T sim card. "I suspect it's due to the fact that the baseband could not be upgraded to the 1.1.3 'required' version", Nate stated.
The list of new features according to Nate and Gizmodo:
  • ability to receive an SMS message
  • hybrid view and cell tower triangulation for Google Maps
  • dragging and dropping of apps and pagination on the home screen
  • addition of bookmarks to the home screen
This has been confirmed by Nate and iPhoneAlley. According to the iPhone community the firmware update got out by someone wanting to assist the unlocking efforts probably by an Apple employee ( iThink ) :) I feel it coming guys. According to Gizmodo, Nate's Video is authentic. Some sites doubt the video's authenticity because it says "Nate" on the top left side but Gizmodo and Nate have this to say "Like previous firmware upgrades, whatever is in the user partition remains unchanged. Only the Apple-owned part is affected by 1.1.3. So for those of you who claim that this is a fake because it says "Nate" in the network instead of "AT&T," that's the reason. He changed the network name in 1.1.2 using a program by Erica Sadun, of TUAW, called Make It Mine." by gizmodo.Keep Coming Back for Updates Guys!!! I'll Believe It When I See It :)

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