Friday, July 17, 2009

GeoHot Announces RC2 of His PurpleSn0w Unlock

GeoHot has announced PurpleSn0w RC2, the second release of his unlock for the iPhone 3GS.

- 3G(the network speed) issues fixed...i'm pretty sure
- Now only patches one file, CommCenter
- Leaves no traces on your baseband after it runs. Seriously
- Much more clean and reliable.

You find instructions on how to unlock your iPhone 3GS using PurpleSn0w here. Remember you must have an officially activated iPhone to perform this unlock. (ie no support for hacktivated devices).

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Kristanna said...

I could also add, if Hotz is so smart that he can leak very code, believing he'll always find a hole... how come he can't provide a real unlock that doesn't need prior activation? In my case, this version of the unlock is completely useless... unlike the Dev Team's unlock, which actually works perfectly. Now, if George is as smart as they say, let's see him develop a 3G and 3GS jailbreak/unlock which will retain working push notifications...