Thursday, January 8, 2009

iPhone Dev-Team Summarizes Where They're At

The iPhone Dev-Team has summarized where they are at with the unlock: Past, Present and Future.

- As predicted in our beta release post, expanding yellowsn0w from dev team testing to worldwide usage revealed some unexpected situations.
- Thanks to specific feedback from you on our reporting page, we’ve been able to tweak the method by which yellowsn0w injects the unlocking payload. We believe we’re converging on a method that works for most cases.

- The current beta version of yellowsn0w is 0.9.6, available via Cydia. Please refer to our beta release post for more technical info about how to install and use it.
- Although ultimately the payload is the same as in the very first beta, we’ve changed the way that it’s injected into the baseband.
- Although some of you have invested time and energy in coming up with a very specific flow that works for you, the best way to first try 0.9.6 is as-provided, straight out of the box with no special usage around it.
- Please continue to provide feedback on our reporting page so that we can iron out wrinkles.

- One major feature we have left to provide support for is PIN locking. We have dabbled in this a bit and think we have a solution, but want to make that a separate effort from making yellowsn0w work with as many SIMs as possible.
- At that point, we can probably declare yellowsn0w out of “beta” status.
- The “permanent” unlock is still the ultimate goal for some of us. We’d like to break the chain of trust a bit earlier in the boot process (if only for the fun in trying).

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