Monday, October 20, 2008

SGN Launches iBaseball for iPhone

With over 2 million downloads for their hugely popular games iGolf and iBowl, today, SGN, the leading social gaming company, has launched iBaseball, the third game in a series of Wii-like games for the iPhone ... 3578522&mt. Like previous SGN games released for iPhone, iBaseball leverages the innovative accelerometer mobile technology platform for the iPhone to let baseball fans, sports and gaming enthusiasts practice their baseball pitches and hitting on-the-go.

iBaseball allows players to play an inning of baseball as the pitcher and a hitter. As a pitcher, players have the opportunity to pitch to three batters with a fastball or curveball. As a batter, players try for as many hits as possible in a single inning.

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Anonymous said...

wow , how much the app ???