Monday, October 20, 2008

iLog 2.1 for iPhone Adds SMS Management

A new version of iLog has been released which allows you to manage your iPhones call history and now SMS messages as well.

iLog 2.1: New Features
1. Viewing incoming and outgoing SMS;
2. Possibility to delete single incoming or outgoing SMS;
3. Notification of missed calls and unread SMS;
4. Replacement of standard "Recents" in the iPhone standard application with the iLog recent call manager interface.

You can download and install iLog from the iClarified Cydia Repository. The application costs 4.99 EUR and does have a free trial period. If you do not already have iClarified as a Cydia source you can add ( as your cydia source

A big thanks goes out to Alex for his work on this application!

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