Thursday, October 9, 2008

MacBook External Battery and/or Charger

QuickerTek's MacBook Pro External Battery powers and charges the internal battery while in use. You get 12 to 16 total hours of battery life - that's 6 to 10 extra hours of battery power.

You know the QuickerTek External Battery is working because the battery charge percentage in the menu bar stays at 100% for hours, before the internal battery is used.

While the stock Apple MacBook Pro recharges in four hours using the AC wall adapter, the QuickerTek External Battery Charger recharges in only three hours.

It's styled to blend in perfectly with all of your other cool Apple equipment. The MacBook Pro External Battery Charger is lightweight, good looking and seriously powerful.

The MacBook External Battery and Charger is $449.95 USD
The MacBook Air External Battery and Charger is $349.95 USD

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