Thursday, October 9, 2008

iPhone 3G Without Contract in Mexico

Telcel is now offering a contract-free version of the iPhone 3G in Mexico.

The cost of an 8GB iPhone is $7,899 MXN ($708 USD) while the 16GB sells for $9,199 MXN ($817 USD). Users who choose this option will be given $500 MXN ($45 USD) worth of talk time, and 30 days of unlimited 3G browsing.

In order to receive the talk you must use $100 MXN worth of talk time in a month after which your account will be credited with al $100 MXN renewable up to a total value of $500 MXN.

It is likely that Telcel has still locked the devices to their network so unfortunately this won't be easy access to an unlocked iPhone 3G.

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