Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spanning Sync v2.0 Adds Contact Sync

Spanning Sync v2.0 now syncs not only calendar events but also contacts. Spanning Sync, v2.0 is free for paid subscribers.

To upgrade, just open the Spanning Sync pref pane and follow the instructions. Or you can manually download Spanning Sync v2.0 at

What's New in Spanning Sync v2.0:
* Contact syncing! Spanning Sync now syncs Address Book with Google contacts.
* Contact photo syncing!
* Trickle syncing! Changes in iCal and Address Book are automatically pushed to Google as they're made.
* Improved, easier-to-use preference pane UI.
* Dramatically improved network performance.
* Improved support for syncing huge (10,000+ events) calendars
* Improved support for syncing large numbers of contacts
* Improved support for multi-Mac configurations.
* Improved compatibility with MobileMe.
* New user-friendly log window for troubleshooting or checking status.
* Improvements to the "create troubleshooting report" system.
* Tons of other bug fixes and improvements.

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