Monday, June 16, 2008

ZiPhone Unlocks iPhone 2.0 Firmware Beta 7

Zibri has updated the status of ZiPhone to indicate he has patched and unlocked the iPhone 2.0 Beta 7 Baseband. He has also posted a list of the carriers supported!

System disk name: BigBear5A331.M68OS

System disk key: 3d9a9832a108fc5084fc9329d6e84e38edf06e380554c49376b70e951f8a8d1ed943f819

Baseband version: 04.05.04_G
Baseband status: patched and unlocked :)

iPhone 3G baseband firmware prefix: ICE2 version 1.43

user root and user mobile still have "alpine" as password.

Carrier Country
ATT US, Claro ar, One at, TMobile at, Optus au, Telstra au, Vodafone au, Mobistar be, Claro br, Fido ca, Rogers ca, Orange ch, Swisscom ch, Claro cl, Comcel co, TMobile cz, Telia dk, Claro do, Porta ec, EMT ee, Telefonica es, Sonera fi, Orange France, TMobile Germany, Vodafone gr, Claro gt, Hutchison hk, Claro hn, TMobile hr, TMobile hu, O2 ie, BhartiAirtel in, Vodafone it, TIM Italy, Softbank jp, KTF kr, Omnitel lt, LMT lv, TMobile me, TMobile mk, Telcel mx, Claro ni, TMobile nl, NetCom no, Vodafone nz, Claro pe, Globe ph, Orange pl, TMobile pl, Optimus pt, Vodafone pt, Claro py, Orange ro, Telia se, SingTel sg, Orange sk, TMobile sk, Claro sv, O2 UK, Claro uy


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