Monday, June 16, 2008

iBlacklist for iPhone Updated to v1.9

iBlacklist 1.9 for iPhone has been released with numerous enhancements to filter incoming calls and SMS.

You can install the latest version from Installer using the iClarified repo. For a step by step tutorial on how to add that as your source please click here :

Changes in iBlacklist 1.9:
* Outgoing work is being performed
* Multilist support added
* Adding numbers from contacts, recent calls and recent sms
* Search on contacts is performed to place the identification on our history
* Contacts view respects the default user configuration for sorting and displaying.
* Options for blocking calls/sms per contact
* Fix to the Unknown ID on calls (Blocked ID was fine on 1.8)
* Startup time drastically reduced
* Fix the problem of blank register key field
* Scheduler per list, with three options to set on each day, besides the start/end time:
- Disabled (the app works full time)
- Inside Interval
- Outside Interval
* Extras like:
- SMS privacy (disable notifications from non filtered SMS's)
- Call privacy (disable notifications from non filtered calls in lock mode)
- Call Forward Privacy (disable annoying popups of Call Forward Active and Outgoing Call Forwarded)
* Password can be disabled.
* Bug Fix for special chars problem on received SMS's
* Nice skin on tables added
* Add all numbers from same contact button added when browsing from contacts with more than one number.

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