Monday, June 9, 2008

Worldwide Developer Conference 2008 Keynote (Almost) Live Coverage

11:50 am Overviewing # of sessions and labs at WWDC -- best yet. Steve thanks the crowd and leaves the stage.
11:48 am Steve is having the crowd thank the iPhone team.
11:47 am Steve is showing the ad one more time.
11:47 am The ad depicts security guards carrying a safe that is unlocked to unveil the iPhone 3G.
11:46 am The iPhone 3G will be available July 11th in 22 countries. The maximum price around the world is $199 USD. Now showing an ad.
11:45 am $299 for the 16GB -- a white version of this size will be available too.
11:45 am Now on to the final challenge -- affordability. Started at $599 for an 8GB iPhone, now $399. The iPhone 3G 8GB will sell for... $199.
11:43 am That rollout will occur over the coming few months.
11:43 am China, Japan, Australia, etc. 70 countries total.
11:42 am Checking off 3G from the list of challenges. The second challenge, enterprise support, is fully built-in and can be checked off. The third challenge, third party application support, can also be checked off. The fourth challenge, more countries, can be checked off as it will be available in Canada, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and many others -- "It's a Small World" is playing as countries continue to appear on the map.

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