Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten New Features in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Despite being dubbed a no feature update, Snow Leopard has plenty of significant new features to look forward to, according to a Roughly Drafted report.

Apple is marketing the idea of there being “no new features” for Snow Leopard and instead promising an overall improvement in how Mac OS X works under the hood, thanks to a diligent code optimization and refactoring cycle discussed in the previous article. At the same time, there are plenty of significant new features coming in Snow Leopard to look forward to.

Dilger examines the following and more:
• LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine)
• CUPS 1.4 (Common Unix Printing System)
• ZFS support
• Exchange Support/MobileMe
• QuickTime X
• Grand Central
• OpenCL
• Multi-Touch™ support
• Resolution Independence
• Code optimization

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