Monday, June 30, 2008

Instinctiv Shuffle for Your iPhone, iPod touch

Instinctiv has announced its financing and the launch of its first product, Instinctiv Shuffle. The round was funded by Cayuga Venture Fund, Rosetech Ventures and a group of strategic angels.

Instinctiv Shuffle, which can be downloaded to the iPhone, helps consumers to rediscover their music libraries by learning what individuals want to hear in the moment. Consumers simply download the application, start iTunes, select Instinctiv Shuffle, skip the songs they don't want to hear at that time, and Instinctiv Shuffle does the rest, learning what consumers want to hear next.

"People's musical moods are not random and therefore we felt like their shuffle experience shouldn't be either, which is why we created the Instinctiv Shuffle” said Justin Smithline, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Instinctiv. "Instinctiv's goal was to create a way to to help consumers find enjoyable music instantly, without all of the skipping. Our application improves upon the iTunes Shuffle feature, getting smarter with every skip."

Instinctiv was founded in August 2007 by Justin Smithline and Peter Brodsky who met while earning their graduate degrees from Cornell University years earlier – Smithline an MBA and Brodsky a PhD in Neuroscience.

"We believe that Instinctiv has the potential to change fundamentally the way consumers interact with their entertainment," said Zachary Shulman, Managing Partner at Cayuga Venture Fund. “Instinctiv Shuffle is only the first of a suite of applications that will help consumers to discover and rediscover their entertainment in a new, more intuitive way."

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