Friday, June 27, 2008

Disney/Pixar Wall-E is a Macintosh!

An early review of Disney/Pixar's upcoming film Wall-E suggests that Wall-E is a Mac.

In the film Wall-E is an odd utilitarian robot, apparently the last working robot on the planet, who goes about his single task of creating and stacking these cubes of refuse.

The review at austin360 by Dale Roe suggests that Wall-E is a Macintosh:
(Pixar and Apple computer head Steve Jobs' influence is seen here: Not only did Apple whiz Jonathan Ive consult on the design of the film's love interest, one of the trinkets Wall-E has collected is a relatively clunky, first-edition iPod. And when Wall-E boots up, there's that familiar startup chime. That's right ... Wall-E is a Macintosh!)

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