Monday, June 9, 2008

Alleged Hands On 3G iPhone Experience

A Vodafone employee has provided information on his alleged hands on experience with the 3G iPhone to iPhone Atlas.

The employee provided the following details:
- The back is gloss black.
- The 4 models we have have a black skin wrapped around the back and glued into place. This is how they came from Apple.
- All are running v2.0 of the firmware.
- The bootloader hardware exploit is now fixed.
- The phone is running V 04.41.01 modem software.
- The phone is locked down like no phone has ever been. At this stage, you can’t jailbreak it and you can’t hardware unlock it.
- There is an added icon for contacts. This allows you to go straight to your contacts without having to hit the Phone icon first.
- The GPS works very well. It will attempt to obtain your position via WiFi first, cell tower second, then satellite third. The accuracy appears to be within 3 meters.
- We were getting a data transfer of 140kbps on average. It droped down to 70 kbps when we went inside.
- Apart from that, the “feel” is much the same. The phone is smaller (I would say 20 percent) and it is noticable when you pick the unit up.

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