Thursday, May 22, 2008

Screenflick 1.6 Released

Araelium Group's popular screen recording program, Screenflick, has been updated to version 1.6 adding over 30 new features and improvements, including improved recording performance (as much as 20%), the ability to display multiple recent keyboard events, improved stability, and greater usability within a refined interface.

Screenflick features high performance screen recording with smooth, fluid motion up to 60 fps. Audio is captured from internal or external mic, or the system audio. Unlike other solutions, Screenflick allows users to record a movie once and compress it as many times as needed, at different resolutions, qualities, and with or without audio, offering you the maximum amount of flexibility when choosing which presentation options to offer movie viewers. Screenflick also offers the ability to display keyboard events and highlight mouse clicks to better communicate actions occuring during the recording.

Version 1.6 is a free update for existing customers. The application is priced at $29.00 USD. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 with QuickTime 7.2, and is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel Macs. More information and a trial download are available at

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