Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apple Hiring to Improve iPhone Camera

Apple is hiring a Camera Design Engineer to improve the camera subsystems found in the iPhone.

The following job listing was posted by Apple:

The iPhone group is looking for a Camera Engineer with responsibilities for evaluation, qualification, implementation and tuning of camera subsystems in iPhone products.

Duties include research into both current and future camera technologies, evaluation of proposed solutions, executive presentation of current and future options, working with suppliers to customize modules, working with both product design and electrical engineering to physically and electrically integrate the parts, tuning the solution for optimal image quality, and design of production line testing setups.

Travel to both Apple and suppliers' facilities will be required for production bring up.

The applicant should be familiar with megapixel CMOS image sensor technology, lens selection and qualification, and implementation of camera systems in mobile products, and have expert knowledge of imaging algorithms (auto-exposure, auto white balance, etc). Experience with mobile communication products is an advantage.

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