Friday, April 4, 2008

iPhone Owners Use iPhone Less For Calls Than Web, Music, Email

The iPhone is a whole lot more than a phone, but making and taking phone calls is still it's primary function, right? Maybe not. Research from iSuppli shows that, ironically, iPhone owners spend more time using the device's multimedia features than they do making calls. Their study of U.S. users showed that, of the time regular cell phone owners use their phone, 71.7% of it is making calls, where iPhone owners are making calls just 46.5% of the time.

Of the time they're not making calls, 12.1% is used to access the internet (normal phone owners only do this for 2.4% of the time), and listening to music or watching video on the device for 11.9% of the time (normal phone owners only do this for 2.5%). They also do a lot of using the Email services on the device, taking up 10.4 of their usage time, instead of the usual 2.8% of most users.

"This usage pattern shows Apple has succeeded in producing a true convergence product that consumers like to use for multiple purposes," said Greg Sheppard, chief development officer for iSuppli. "Apple has come as close as anyone to achieving a balanced convergence in mobile-handset features and usage," he added.

What do you use your iPhone for most of the time? Let me know in the comments!

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