Monday, March 10, 2008

SITE UPDATE: 3/10/08

Yes the new iPlus 2.0 is out. It cleans up the repair needed issue, and provides a display of what is being installed so you can check its progress. It is supposed to provide PPC support. I have tested it on my intel Mac on Leopard and it worked like a charm on a fresh phone. It did the bootloader downgrade and put it on the correct baseband with no issues. I'll update the Mac tutorial later with some pictures, nothing much has really changed, it is still run from the Terminal like before.

I've updated the Mac tutorial for iPlus 2.0. I'm working on updating the Windows tutorial. This program is pure magic! I just fixed a phone that has been broken for months with iPlus 2.0. It had a bad IMEI, and I've fixed a lot of bad IMEI phones, and I tried several methods and could never fix this phone. I just ran it through iPlus 2.0 and it came out with full signal bars. Amazing!

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