Monday, March 10, 2008

iPlus2.0- How to Unlock 1.1.4 and Downgrade to 3.9-fakeblank iPhone Bootloader (Windows XP/Vista)

If you live outside the United States, you should also download the International support package, which will include some additional, necessary files. Just rename the file you download and decompress to, then place it into the iPlus1.1 program folder, overwriting the existing file.

If you live in Brazil, then download this support package instead, and also rename it and overwrite the existing file. Note: the international packages contain a program that is superior to iWorld. You will now have full caller ID support. To check the supported countries URL BAD NEED A NEW ONE.

Note: you do have the ability to use custom payloads with iPlus. What you would do is swap out the file that is in the iPlus folder with your own, and it will automatically load up the phone with the programs contained within it.

If you are feeling adventurous then grab this file here and try it out. It will install the following: Cydia and Telesphoreo (instead of BSD Subsystem), Installer, Community Sources, Fake BSD Subsystem (to allow Installer packages that require BSD to install), OpenSSH, SummerBoard themes directory fix, and Term-vt100.

These are instructions on how to downgrade to the 3.9-fakeblank Bootloader and unlock 1.1.4 using iPlus 2.0

iPlus 2.0 Features
1-Unlock and if required automatically downgrade the bootloader to 3.9FakeBlank
4-Install AFC2
5-Add the following packages: Installer, Community Services, BSD subsystem, OpenSSH, VT-100

Plus: BSD Fix, VT100 Fix, Summerboard themes directory fix, Relocates Fonts and Ringtones (More than 120MB free)

Before attempting this make sure you have restored your iPhone to 1.1.4 using iTunes.

Step One
Download iPlus 2.0 from here
If your free downloads are used up on RapidShare use this site to download iPlus 2.0

Step Two
From the file we just downloaded extract the iPlus 2.0 folder to your Desktop.

Step Three
Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to bring up the Run window. Input cmd into the entryfield and then click the Ok button.

Step Four
The Command Prompt window will open. Enter the following command then press Enter
cd Desktop/iPlus 2.0

Step Five
Enter the following command into the Command Prompt to unlock and downgrade your bootloader.
iplus -u

NOTE**: This command will automatically activate, jailbreak, and unlock. If necessary and able it will also change your bootloader to the 3.9-fakeblank Bootloader. If you don't want to unlock just drop the -u and iPlus will only activate and jailbreak!

Step Six
The program will then put your iPhone into recovery mode. Once it is successfully in recovery mode you will be asked to wait 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Step Seven
Once rebooted it will tell you that Jailbreak and setup for next pass completed. Now it will proceed to unlock, downgrade and activate.

Step Eight
Once your iPhone comes out of its final reboot it will be activated, jailbroken, unlocked and bootloader downgraded !!!

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-Administration- said...

I just used this on 5 phones and i can say that this is the BEST program out there. eventhough it is not a GUI it is flawless.
ZiPhone does not even stand CLOSE!@!!!!