Friday, March 21, 2008

Firmware: 1.1.4 Repairing EDGE/WiFi/BT with iLiberty+ (Windows)

Repairing EDGE/WiFi/BT with iLiberty+

Note: This guide is not final. It will be fully updated when iLiberty+ is released.

The repair process for broken WiFi/BT and signal problems has been integrated into the new iLiberty program. This is done by downloading iLiberty+ and the WiFi_Fix payload.
First : iLiberty for Windows

1. Restore phone to 1.1.4 using iTunes

2. Download iLiberty+ and the WiFi_Fix payload

3. Run iLiberty+

4. On the Standard tab, check the boxes for Jailbreak and Activate only

5. On the Payloads tab, check the box for EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth fix

6. On the Standard tab, click on Free my iPhone!

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Jorge said...

Let's see if it works...
There is too may expectation on this one...