Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Diamond-Encrusted iPhone Costs $176,400

As the market price of the iPhone slowly drops in the United States, those crazy jewelers are determined to make them more and more expensive. This time it's Austrian jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson, with his take on what a diamond-encrusted iPhone should look like.

So far we've seen them slap on gold, platinum, sapphires anddiamonds, each more expensive then the the last. The highest price was previously the diamond and sapphire iPhone at US$41,225+, but now Aloisson is striking back with his take on the diamond iPhone worth a staggering $US176,400, making it the worlds most expensive phone.

It's called the "Princess Plus", because about half of the stones have a square or "princess" cut. In total it contains 17.75 carats of rocks and 18 karat white gold.

Not quite willing to shell out the $176,400? You're in luck. He created a $66,150 model containing only round cut stones.

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