Tuesday, March 18, 2008

iPhone OS 1.2 Includes Location-Logging Feature

As the release of the 1.2 iPhone firmware new things are being discovered from the new operational system. Aalready in the hands of select beta testers and the recipients of a leaked copy, includes a new location logging feature that tracks and stores the device’s physical location based on cell tower and WiFi longitude/latitude data; this makes it possibl to see not only where you are, but also where you’ve been. The following is a sample location log:

LOCATION,Time,227256578.75,Type,GMM,Pos,1,+33.117950,-96.775681,Accuracy,1810,Confidence,,ActualLocation,0,MCC,310,MNC,410,LAC,0xcb29,CI,0×29ba,ARFCN,,BSIC,,RSSI,-78,TA,, 227256578.754-virtual void CellLocationRequester::requestCompleted(): queried for 7 cells but received only 1 responses
LOCATION,Time,227256582.90,Type,CL-Skyhook,Pos,1,+33.098492,-96.781595,Accuracy, 191.86,

The feature creates some intriguing feature possibilities but is also raising privacy concerns.

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