Friday, March 14, 2008

iPhone Developer Rejection Letter Mass Mailing - Thank you but NO Thank you

If you've applied for Apple's iPhone Developer program, check email for your rejection letter. The twitterati are reporting widespread disappointment and anger as thousands of iPhone developer hopefuls have received a "Thank you but no thank you" message in their inbox. The emails are arriving with the subject of iPhone Developer Program Enrollment Status.

Did you get accepted? Do you know anyone who did? Let us know in the comments. Some readers are reporting acceptance--if you've been accepted please send us some more details.

Update: Corporations have been rejected and so have individuals. Premiere members, Select members, Online members, all rejected. To be clear, these rejections are not for the general iPhone SDK download program but for the paid $99 developer/AppStore access program. I have not been able to confirm any acceptances into this latter program.

Out of country developers are reporting slightly different rejections. One anonymous developer received this message: "At this time, the iPhone Developer Program is only available in the US, and will expand to other countries during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time."

An absolutely LOL moment from Daniel Jalkut, which I quote in full: "In other news, it looks like the Jailbreak Developer Program still has open slots, and people are getting approved as I type."

TUAW reader UO perfectly summarizes the dilemma: "I got a rejection this morning too. What if I never get accepted? Spending that much time (until June?) working on code I may never be able to ship is an unacceptable risk right now."

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