Friday, March 14, 2008

Apple Experiencing Widespread Shortage of 16 Gigabyte iPhones in U.S., German Markets

Based on checks at both American and German Apple retail locations, Apple seems to be experiencing a widespread shortage of 16 gigabyte model iPhones. Apple's web site seems to confirm this, as the online store currently lists a five to seven day shipping time on the 16 gigabyte model.

According to iFun, T-Mobile Germany is not currently offering the 16 gigabyte version and company representatives have estimated that the shortage may last until May. Separate checks on the availability of the 32 gigabyte iPod touch models showed the unit to be widely available and suggest that the shortage of 16 gigabyte model iPhones may be attributable to low production of the model, high demand or a reallocation of supplies for international consumption.

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